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As a professional outfit, Fluidity have an array of services that we offer from all aspects of freerunning, production, coaching and more!  Read more



Over the years we have obtained a very impressive list of clientele. On this page you can see the majority of the projects that we have been involved with. Read more


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With ADAPT level 2 , fully insured coaches, boasting unrivaled years of experience running classes in Wales, we have a number of classes, workshops, tasters and open sessions available throughout Wales. Read more


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Who We Are

Established early 2005, Fluidity Freerun have been pioneers of the scene in Wales. Working professionally across the UK , and members being involved in overseas projects and world class teams, Fluidity are a highly regarded group who strive to give their all in any type of parkour/freerun service.

With a vast variety of experience , from stunt doubling, media services , performances , production, consultancy, feature films and adverts to local grass routes such as coaching academies, council work, university projects and workshops.

We have a highly extensive portfolio that is up there with the best in the UK, and we constantly adding to it every week!

A group of highly competent and qualified practitioners, each one of us has years of experience working professionally with freerunning in various fields.

Below are some of the professional services we provide, click to see a some more information on that category, and check our portfolio page for our clients.

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