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Splott StreetGames 2011

Street Games held another one of their events (endorsed by CocaCola) in Cardiff’s very own Splott.  Taking place at the Leisure Center, there were a variety of activities including basketball, rock climbing (run by Boulders of Cardiff) as well as football skills and more.

Craig , Rhidian and Frazer were on hand to deliver some workshops and jam around. The weather wasn’t on our side, but it was a great day and paved a good start to some upcoming sessions in Splott S.T.A.R center that Frazer is running.



Manchester Science Festival - Science Junkies

Jake, Craig and Frazer traveled to Manchester to work at the Manchester Science Festival  on Friday 28th. Alongside the Science Junkies team, and seriously pro trials bike rider Andrei Burton.

We have worked with the legendary Science Junkies many times before, but this time the aim was to create a fully live version of the existing show, with a full rig, that can be toured across the UK in a variety of theatres etc.  The show was extremely well received and has alot of promise, watch this space.


Photo album and video will be up soon.

Splott S.T.A.R Taster Workshop

Frazer ran a workshop through 5×60 for the S.T.A.R Center in Splott. Working close with the community and schools, there where tonnes of kids interested , and we are starting a series of weekly classes there come November.

This class is now running and more information can be found on the classes page.

Torfaen Traceurs

Pontypool/New Inn
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Abertillery "Jump"

Abertillery , Town Center
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Monty Python And the Holy Flying Circus

BBC4 have commissioned a 90 minute documentary detailing on the contraversy and shock that Monty Python dealt with in their rowdy comedy films. Focusing on the religious extremists that rose up and confronted them, this will make for a hilarious watch with some great sketches thrown in (as well as some big names).

Frazer was brought in as a stunt double for Michael Palin for a slightly strange jump.

Airing October 19th, 9pm, BBC 4.