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Seasons Loving from Fluidity!

At the end of the year now, 2012 has been rather busy and bizzare.

Have had a tonne of events and meet ups, worked on a lot of projects, with still many to be finished (such as the upcoming team video, which should hopefully drop very soon now).

Just want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas, and hope that everyone has a great time chilling and taking a break from life!

Looking forward to 2012, its going to bring forward a lot of awesome prospects, so see you on the other side!



New Open Sessions in Cardiff

Under the big changes at Cardiff Central Youth Club, there are now 3 freerunning open sessions being offered weekly,
run by Frazer on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Currently acting as open sessions for all ages, one day may eventually be turned into a session for under 16s if numbers increase.

Check out times and prices on the class page here.

Craig Robinson

A short piece shot on Craig about himself , parkour and Fluidity.


Shot by Rhodri Carter in Newport, this is sweet little piece!


Vimeo Link

Fluidity [Documentary] from Emily Roberts on Vimeo.