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Bassline Circus

We have the insane opportunities this year of working with Bassline Circus at both Boomtown Festival and Fusion Festival (Germany).

Don’t want to give too much away, but we are going to be involved in a huge act that will have insane 3D projections, fire artists, DJ’s trapeze acts and much much more.   We will be freerunning around the 360 degrees of the audience , with structures built up for all of the performers giving a hugely dynamic and utterly immersing performance.



Bassline Circus


Alex Bull - Creative Movement Collective

Alex Bull  , a fellow Welsh practitioner has created this stunning piece, featuring members of Fluidity and friends.

Part of his university work, the project aims to show the links between different creative movements.
Check the video and discription, and be sure to look at his other stuff!

Seriously talented guy and this videos well worth the watch!

AB Creative 

Creative Movement Collective from Alex Bull on Vimeo.

Gentlemans Dub Club - RIOT film shoot.

Tom Lighting the way for the RIOT.

Tom Lighting the way for the RIOT.

We had the pleasure of being involved with the legendary party dub band “Gentlemans Dub Club”.  Several members of Fluidity are huge fans of these guys , so we were totally stoked to be involved with some shoots that took place in London.

The production titled “RIOT” , is sure to be a cracker….  Definitely the best music video production we have been involved with, so don’t want to give anything away.

Check out their pages here