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Boomtown 2013

Fluidity finally got a huge chance to be a part of the maddest, most happening festival in the UK, and most likely the world.

Boomtown is one of the most infamous arts and music festivals.. There really is no describing it, so check out this video of the fest below.

We were based up in Kidztown at the festival, which is a chill area full of fun activities, shows and delights for the kids and their parents. A nice break away from the rest of the festival, we built a huge scaffolding rig with other structures and jammed on it each day.  After the jams we were letting the kids and even the adults give it a good go with some hour long workshops!

On top of that, we were once more involved with mighty Bassline Circus, doing a short performance on stage each night in the largest dance tent of the fest. With a stage built like a party slum, full projection art and a couple of thousand people watching, this is easily one of our favourite performances we have ever done!

Will hopefully have footage and all that online sometime soon!

OnePiece - Jump In

Back in March Fluidity Freerun were invited to an epic SS13 Collection Launch @ No 5 Cavendish Sq!
We were then commissioned to create a freerunning video for Onepiece , and thought it would be fitting to film us at the party and getting there en-route!

In usual slacker fashion we were pretty late and there wasn’t time for a bus…. Here is what ensued!



Big thanks to Sam Irving of Lighttrap Films for helping shoot this!

Editing , B Camera and colour grading by Frazer Meek of TwoFootTall Productions

Track – Featurecast -Shining Star (Mr.Deepstar Re-Breakmix)

Freerunners are – Pretz Gzrenda , Frazer Meek, Rhidian Thomas, Tracy Morris , Craig Robinson and Thomas Jones