Briton Ferry - NPT Homes Taster Session

Linked with the work we did with Groundworks and Playworks, Fluidity were invited to come up to a youth session in Briton Ferry to deliver a freerunning taster.

Searing hot heat and a bit of equipment in a field, as well as a play in a park and it was a lovely successful day!

Crynant Taster Sessions

In May, we prepared a taster session for a group of youths up in Crynant RCT.  This was a collaboration through Groundworks Neath/Port Talbot and Playworks.

Frazer, Tom and Andrew  delivered 2 one hour and a half sessions for a large amount of kids. This later led onto us doing 2 more sessions during August.

We all had a great time working up there, and hopefully a bespoke parkour play park is going to be designed so that the kids of that area can carry on their new found interest in Parkour.

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Fieldview Festival 2013

We were privileged to be involved with the most epic Fieldview Festival once more for some freerunning shenanigans!

After working there last year, we couldn’t wait to be back at our favourite small festival.  With a great ethos on art,  crafts and performance workshops, Fieldview really is a gem of a festival with a vibe that is hard to match!

We jammed it out for an hour each day followed by an hours worth of workshops!



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Fusion Festival 2013

Fluidity Freerun were highly privelidged to go to the mighty Fusion Festival… also known as the communist summer camp. Its a 70,000 strong festival taking place on private land , with a punk/communist ethos of looking after each other and the environment, this is without a doubt the most beautiful place we have ever been.

We were guests with the Bristol based Bassline Circus, who we have spent the summer working with at Festivals and events. Performing freerunning shows on stage in the huge big top, and then also walk about acts, amongst an array of amazing music, artists and installations.

Here is a video that we made (TwoFootTallProductions) of the time we spent at the festival!

Bassline Circus

We have the insane opportunities this year of working with Bassline Circus at both Boomtown Festival and Fusion Festival (Germany).

Don’t want to give too much away, but we are going to be involved in a huge act that will have insane 3D projections, fire artists, DJ’s trapeze acts and much much more.   We will be freerunning around the 360 degrees of the audience , with structures built up for all of the performers giving a hugely dynamic and utterly immersing performance.



Bassline Circus


Alex Bull - Creative Movement Collective

Alex Bull  , a fellow Welsh practitioner has created this stunning piece, featuring members of Fluidity and friends.

Part of his university work, the project aims to show the links between different creative movements.
Check the video and discription, and be sure to look at his other stuff!

Seriously talented guy and this videos well worth the watch!

AB Creative 

Creative Movement Collective from Alex Bull on Vimeo.

Gentlemans Dub Club - RIOT film shoot.

Tom Lighting the way for the RIOT.

Tom Lighting the way for the RIOT.

We had the pleasure of being involved with the legendary party dub band “Gentlemans Dub Club”.  Several members of Fluidity are huge fans of these guys , so we were totally stoked to be involved with some shoots that took place in London.

The production titled “RIOT” , is sure to be a cracker….  Definitely the best music video production we have been involved with, so don’t want to give anything away.

Check out their pages here

Desperardos Relaunch

During April , BeardedKitten invited us to come work at a Desperardos relaunch party.  The event itself was for the rebrand of the company  , with huge seminars and talks about future plans, plenty of partying and spectacles too. On a scorching London day, we were to play about on a load of shipping containers as an amazing BBQ went on with live graffiti, DJ’s , breakdancing , BMXing and more!

A great day out for Alex , Tom and Frazer .. Kudos!



Desperardos Launch

Back in April,  Tom, Frazer and Alex made the trip to London to be a part of a relaunch campaign that Desperardos were working on.

This was a huge event/party where Desperardos were showing their workforce and clients their plans of re-branding and general company plans.

Fluidity were invited to basically cause havoc on a load of shipping containers in a beer garden, whilst amazing food was being  prepared, with live DJ’s and graffiti sessions.

Absolute scorcher of a day , here are some of the photos!

The Lash - Cardiff Solus

After our success at Cardiff Solus for the Drink The Bar Dry event, Fluidity were invited back to perform at the huge student event
“The Lash!”

This time we choreographed a short performance , working with the events live DJ.
With a full house and all eyes on us, it was a great success!


Fluidity Freerun at Solus Nightclub from LightTrap Films on Vimeo.

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