Boomtown Equinox Party 2013

Boomtowns Equinox party (the postponed End of the World party) is arguably going to be one of the biggest most happening parties happening in the UK this year!

Taking place in the new venue of Motion in Bristol, and sporting a seriously sick lineup, this event is certainly one you dont want to miss. Tickets are completely sold out, but they have just announced a new batch will be available on March the 1st!

But anyway, back to the point of the post – Fluidity are most lucky enough this year to be involved with Boomtown Fair and the Equinox Party! With a Chinatown theme this year, Fluidity will be lending out our ninja skilled warriors to help keep the fun enforced at the venue! So catch us running riot around the party , leaving no survivors to apathy.

Updates for BoomtownFair will be leaked soon too! Psyched!

This years slamming lineup for the Equinox Party in March

This years slamming lineup for the Equinox Party in March

Freemove UK

Fluidity Freerun have had meetings with Freemove, the UK’s bespoke parkour park designer in regards to outdoor and indoor facilities.

With aims of getting an outdoor park (with a petition available here to sign on Facebook)


Fluidity are also aiming towards an indoor facility with the hopes of having funding for the Freemove indoor equipment.

Theres tonnes of handy information on the Freemove website , check it out here!


Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

Fluidity - An Introduction

We have finally finished our brand new team video that has been in work for quite some time!
We launched the video at a highly successful night in Cardiff’s 10FeetTall, alongside our dear friends album launch (Alex Davies, who also assisted in filming) , Ska punkers Detached and the swinging sounds of BackToBasskicks (who provided a batch of top quality Cardiff resident DJ’s!)

The video went down a treat, and we thank everyone that has been involved with its production and tolerated how long we took to get it out!

We REALLY appreciate all the views and sharing that you guys can do, and we promise to bring bigger and better things this year!

Thanks guys , means alot!

Poster Video Release

ParkourUK - 2013 Affiliation

We are pleased to announce that we have just received our certificate for 2013 affiliation with ParkourUK.

ParkourUK are the National Governing Body for Parkour in the UK.

Check out their websites and follow them for important updates in the UK.



Cardiff Solus - Drink The Bar Dry 2012

Drink the Bar Dry is a huge event that marks the end of the term here at Cardiff Students Union.

A full day starting with breakfast, packed full of events and activities and killer music.
Fluidity where lucky enough to be asked to come in last minute and do a short performance before all the dance space opened up. With a 4 man team and some great DJ’s backing us, we put on a short display of acrobatics and tricking with some crowd participation!

From this, we hope to arrange more events in the Solus with equipment and time enough to create a very slick bespoke performance! Looking forward to partying there again soon!

Greenman Festival 2012

This was our 3rd year at Greenman Festival.  Absolutely amazing vibes, and wicked fun!

Sadly this year the weather was too much for us, with intense mud and horriffic rain, we couldn’t safely
perform , or put those wishing to learn at the workshops to risk! But an absolute massive thanks to all of the

@einsteinsgarden crew, as they really went all out to make us welcome for the 3rd year! Hopefully
we can aim to go bigger and better next year! Amazing stuff, thank you for a brilliant year Greenman!


Onepiece Clothing - BagJump

Whilst at Beachbreak we had the luck of the draw to get talking to the sick crew at
Onepiece . They had a huge inflatable stunt bag courtesy of BagJump , and we ended up doing
some promo work for the 2!

We donned the badass onesies, and then continued to fool around on their pimped out Landrover.
After this we got to jump onto the bag and had a good mess around!

You can catch us in this little edit, throwing some doubles and triples onto the airbag, as well
as all the other sick footage they captured!



Field View Festival

August 2012 will see Fluidity Freerun having the chance to perform at FieldViewFestival, a seriously up and coming UK festival , 2nd-5th of August.

We will be delivering workshops and performances daily, so lets hope for good weather!

Check out the insane lineup and check them on Facebook and twitter!

Sophia Gardens - Olympic Gala

Fluidity Freerun were invited to perform at the Olympic Gala held at the prestigious Sophia Gardens.

On a full Olympic gym set up in the great hall, performing short of a thousand members of the public, aspiring Olympian
gymnasts and important dignitaries, Fluidity performed an intense 3 and a half minute routine combining a mix of acrobatics and parkour techniques to music. The performance was excellently received!

Photos and videos soon!

St Davids Hall - Gemau Cymru Urdd

We were invited to perform in a giant opening ceremony for the Urdd , this took place in the prestigious venue of St Davids Hall, and had us choreographing a piece to music inbetween other acts (such as Cheerleading, dancing , singing and more)

For some more information on Urdd and Gemau Cymru , check below!




Just two weeks before the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, Urdd Gobaith Cymru are holding their own sporting competition with the best of the action covered in the programme Gemau Cymru Urdd 2012 on S4C on Friday 20 July.

The games are held in various sports facilities all over Cardiff on Friday to Sunday, 13 to 15 July. According to the Urdd, the event “captures the inspiration of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games”.

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