Clement Marfo & The Frontline Music Vid

Among other high profile freerunners (featuring members of Storm Freerun, Hamza Shabazz and George Mayfield) , Frazer was featured in this music video shot by Tom Greaves. With over 50,000 views, its  a huge hit on the scene for an up and coming group!



Science Junkies Wrexham

Another Science Junkies Extravaganza  but this time in Wrexham at the science festival. Performing in packed out lecture halls.

Fraz, Tom and Rhid had a merry day out playing with sciency things afterwards.


Canterbury Festival Workshops 2010

Jake, Rhid and Frazer travelled to Canterbury in July of 2011 to deliver a days worth of workshops and jamming to a high school summer festival. The festival had a couple of thousand children (years 7 through to 6th form) coming through to do a variety of activities all day.

No videos or images, but a highly successful day.

Lewis Hamilton Secret Life

Craig was chosen (and it actually WASNT for his uncanny resemblance to Lewis , as this was all shot in POV) to stunt double Lewis Hamilton in one of the Secret life episodes, in which Lewis Hamilton breaks into a house using freerunning to retrieve stolen goods.

Pretty swish edit, check it on youtube here.



Science Junkies Cheltenham Science Festival

Another show with @sciencejunkies , this one was at the critically acclaimed Cheltenham Science Festival where George Mayfield joined us for performances.


We performed in a packed hall (around 300+ people), with an array of acrobatics, breakdancing and freerunning.



Men Of Action Cardiff Conference

http://www.cardiffmensconvention.org.uk/  were creating  a new promo video to be aired at the conference in Cardiff on 28th March 2010. Frazer featured in this video running the streets of Cardiff.

Thames Valley Fest (Urbanfreeflow)

Mens Health Survival Of The Fittest 2009


SOTF is a race through an environment (in this case Cardiff Bay) with a series of obstacles and challenges. Fluidity were brought on board to provide a show of demonstrations, challenges and talk about ourselves and freerunning before the event.


With hundreds of competitors and spectators, we had a huge audience, and shared the stage with a famous BMX trials crew.






Newport Infusion 2009

Infusion is a show by Kings Church, in which many young people are brought together to help find themselves and God. With an array of music, hip hop acts, breakdancing and our freerunning, it gives spirituality a more youth friendly approach. We have been involved this show a few times since then, and love to work with the group.


Some snippets of us from this show here http://www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3D3tB-gR3hd7o

S4C Stamina

On this show, Fluidity give a series of freerunning lessons to the presenter, who then joins the whole team for a run through Cardiff Bay.

Filmed in October of 2009.

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