Penygraig Workshops

In Penygraig town Bike Club , we provided a large workshop session for the community present. We had around 50 kids, pouring rain and no venue, but we still managed to have a great outside session teaching the basics and drilling some challenges.

This was so popular that we were later asked to come back to provide a series of workshops to the community through August. A great success, and looking to do more in the future!


Beach Break Live 2011

Fluidity were invited to perform at Beach Break Live, the UK’s largest Student only festival based in the gorgeous beach of Swansea , Pembrey.

Fluidity were originally invited to do workshops and performances, but this later changed to doing some tricking sessions and jams.  With massive audiences and loads of photographers (especially on the last night with the “Into The Wild” theme, Beach Break was one of the funnest festivals we have done yet, and next year is looking to shape up as even better!


Check out the gallery in the media section, and here are some of the pics!

Sophia Gardens Sports Conference 2011

Fluidity were invited along to Sophia Gardens (home of welsh sport) , to an expo where different sports meet together and discuss the development of local governing bodies, events and welsh sports and help to pave the way forward.

We did a short  but sweet performance in a half time interval before talking about ourselves and our goals for the future. Very well received, and helping to breach the border between sports governing bodies and freerunning!

Glastonbury - Bearded Kitten

Frazer was lucky enough to be invited to work with events company “Bearded Kitten” , for Glastonbury 2011!

This was the first time Bearded Kitten has been invited to work at Glastonbury, with an impressive Spanish themed arena built in
“Campo Pequeno” .

There were a variety of insane and querky shows going on, from raves, to crazy mexican wrestling shows. With a constantly packed arena, Frazer was involved in the show titled “Matador” which aside from a terrific aerial artist display featured a gigantic fire breathing bull which he had to face, with a 40foot stunt fall to finish.

An incredible show , regardless of the bad weather which somewhat hindered the performances.

Gran Canaria

In May 2011, Jake and Rhidian were hired by e-sensual dance company to provide a mix of free running, acrobatics and dance at the prestigious annual gay pride event in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria. Along with other freerunners from across the UK (JJ Goda and Contrix of Urbanfreeflow).

The group spent a month out there, constantly rehearsing dance and acrobatic routines , leading up to shows with crowds of over 27 thousand people. In addition, along side other international performers they were involved in providing street entertainment in the run up to the main festivities and choreographing acrobatic routines.

Red Bull Art Of Motion 2011 London

Art of Motion was the first Freerunning orientated competition to come about , starting in 2008 in Vienna, and since going around the world.   Frazer was asked by Red Bull to represent the UK in the UK’s first every Art Of Motion event, held at London Southbank with around 8,000 spectators (lining themselves through the streets, spaces and even bus stops from the bridge!) .

Along with 23 other contestants from around the world, Frazer jammed and performed with them, and then had his own run.  A few slip ups here and there, and not exactly what he had in mind, but none the less a great time and a prestigious event to be a part of !

Heres another video created by VisiveProductions – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zS07ZhXBChM


NoFitState Circus - Parklife - Brighton Festival

Fluidity were chosen to join Cardiff based Circus group NoFitState Circus , in their brand new show “Parklife”, which was touring around the UK.  We went to Brighton and rehearsed over a few days, to blend a show of freerunning in with their current show.

With lots of laughs , games, and long nights the performance was brilliantly recieved. Check a video and website below –





Mens Health Survival Of The Fittest 2009


SOTF is a race through an environment (in this case Cardiff Bay) with a series of obstacles and challenges. Fluidity were brought on board to provide a show of demonstrations, challenges and talk about ourselves and freerunning before the event.


With hundreds of competitors and spectators, we had a huge audience, and shared the stage with a famous BMX trials crew.






Swansea Bae Fest 2009

Fluidity were one of the prime entertainment acts to be seen at this years fest. We didnt have any equipment, but with an ecological theme we think this was fitting.  Check out the Bae Fest 2010 post too.



Bron Afon Festival

Torfaen Gymnastics and Fluidity were invited to perform at a festival going on in Llantarnam School. It was run by Bron Afon, and consisted of us blasting loud music and playing on the airtrack.

Fluidity at Bron Afon.


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