Cardiff Solus - Drink The Bar Dry 2012

Drink the Bar Dry is a huge event that marks the end of the term here at Cardiff Students Union.

A full day starting with breakfast, packed full of events and activities and killer music.
Fluidity where lucky enough to be asked to come in last minute and do a short performance before all the dance space opened up. With a 4 man team and some great DJ’s backing us, we put on a short display of acrobatics and tricking with some crowd participation!

From this, we hope to arrange more events in the Solus with equipment and time enough to create a very slick bespoke performance! Looking forward to partying there again soon!

Greenman Festival 2012

This was our 3rd year at Greenman Festival.  Absolutely amazing vibes, and wicked fun!

Sadly this year the weather was too much for us, with intense mud and horriffic rain, we couldn’t safely
perform , or put those wishing to learn at the workshops to risk! But an absolute massive thanks to all of the

@einsteinsgarden crew, as they really went all out to make us welcome for the 3rd year! Hopefully
we can aim to go bigger and better next year! Amazing stuff, thank you for a brilliant year Greenman!


Onepiece Clothing - BagJump

Whilst at Beachbreak we had the luck of the draw to get talking to the sick crew at
Onepiece . They had a huge inflatable stunt bag courtesy of BagJump , and we ended up doing
some promo work for the 2!

We donned the badass onesies, and then continued to fool around on their pimped out Landrover.
After this we got to jump onto the bag and had a good mess around!

You can catch us in this little edit, throwing some doubles and triples onto the airbag, as well
as all the other sick footage they captured!



Field View Festival

August 2012 will see Fluidity Freerun having the chance to perform at FieldViewFestival, a seriously up and coming UK festival , 2nd-5th of August.

We will be delivering workshops and performances daily, so lets hope for good weather!

Check out the insane lineup and check them on Facebook and twitter!

Sophia Gardens - Olympic Gala

Fluidity Freerun were invited to perform at the Olympic Gala held at the prestigious Sophia Gardens.

On a full Olympic gym set up in the great hall, performing short of a thousand members of the public, aspiring Olympian
gymnasts and important dignitaries, Fluidity performed an intense 3 and a half minute routine combining a mix of acrobatics and parkour techniques to music. The performance was excellently received!

Photos and videos soon!

BeachBreakLive 2012

From June the 14th – 18th, we donned our Beach wear to camp in the mud, sun and rain on the lovely Pembroke coast for the UK’s biggest student festival.

Fluidity worked at BBL in 2011 also , and this year we were alongside Kinetics Parkour to play on set and jam in the sun.  Although the weather ruined it a bit this year, we still had a great few days tricking around and playing on the beach.

We also had the opportunity to work with OnePiece and Bagjump, on a gigantic airbag that was there for the public to try out!


(content coming soon)

Frank Sava - Inkspill

We have just finished working with Francois Sava of Inkspill Illustrations , who threw us up this sick design on a very tight schedule. just in time for our work at BeachBreak!

You can grab these shirts and vests from our cartel page here!

Francois is a seriously talented designer from South Wales, and we highly recommend that you check out his tee’s and designs, and help support this utter dude!


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Sport Relief 2012

Fluidity were to take to the bay’s mile run, which was to take place on Sunday 25th March.

Rhid and Frazer caught up together for a photoshoot which featured on the WalesOnline website,
as well as creating a short promo video for the event which can be seen above.

Check out the twitter and facebook pages for SportRelief and Fluidity!

@sportrelief , @Fluidityfreerun


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Britains Got Talent Promo Feat Fluidity

We were lucky enough to be included in a new flashmob style video for Britains Got Talent 2012.

Check Rhid, Pretz, Jake and Frazer tumbling and tricking in the opening sequence (red shirts, very upside down!)

Check the video out above , and be sure to retweet with #britainsgottalent and @gottalent



Cardiff Council - Llanishen Junior Club

News link here.

Craig and Rhidian are starting new classes up in Llanishen Leisure Center. This is a new’s piece that follows
in regards to this new class, with some words from the coaches and council!

Details of the class can be found on our classes page.



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