S4C , Y Lle

Another Piece with S4C for the Y Llew series, this featured Fluidity and some friends running through the bay, with Rhid talking about the group .

Britains Got Talent 2011

At the end of the year in 2010, Fluidity Freerun were asked to go and audition for the first auditions of Britains Got Talent. Under much trepidation, we decided we would go along and tell them who we were and what we did. Fluidity were very well recieved on showing the series producer our showreel and telling them about ourselves.

We made it through to the first live auditions in WMC in Cardiff. We came up with a routine (featuring Frazer, Craig, Lew, Rhid and Jake) which was a few minutes long, and had a few very spectacular feats in.  We were the first group on, received a standing ovation as well as 3 firm “yes”es.

Over the coming months, we prepared for the next stage of the show which took place on April 9th-10th, where we were subject to days of interviewing and waiting….

Eventually we were told that we would not be going further, and i guess that concludes our Britains Got Talent adventure. Considering we never even planned to try and go on the show we are pretty impressed with ourselves.

We keep getting asked if we will try again next year…. truth is i don’t think we have even thought about it!


Bridgend Council Workshops

Since the start of 2011, Fluidity have been working with the council of Bridgend and the Youth services in collaboration, to bring a series of successful workshops to Bridgend monthly (held in the Rec Centre). With kids from all walks of life (probationary services, youth offenders etc) the class always has a solid 30+ , and has even seen the crime rate with Anti-social behavior go down.


Ending around June 2011, we are starting back in the early fall.


Kix TV Shoot

Following on from the highly successful live Science Junkie show, the guys at Science Junkies were commissioned to create a TV version ,where they would talk about each sport and show footage of it in action to help demonstrate the science behind the sport. So we got together with Huw and Greg and started shooting through Cardiff.


Check out some of the photo gallery here, and an online piece will be posted eventually.
(For full size gallery check the actual Gallery)


Red Bull Art Of Motion 2011 London

Art of Motion was the first Freerunning orientated competition to come about , starting in 2008 in Vienna, and since going around the world.   Frazer was asked by Red Bull to represent the UK in the UK’s first every Art Of Motion event, held at London Southbank with around 8,000 spectators (lining themselves through the streets, spaces and even bus stops from the bridge!) .

Along with 23 other contestants from around the world, Frazer jammed and performed with them, and then had his own run.  A few slip ups here and there, and not exactly what he had in mind, but none the less a great time and a prestigious event to be a part of !

Heres another video created by VisiveProductions – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zS07ZhXBChM


Tredegar Workshop

Friday 25th February –  Frazer delivered a 3 hour workshop in Tredegar Leisure Center through Communities First , for 20-30 enthusiastic kids during half term.

The session was a great success running indoors with an array of leisure equipment and trampettes.

Dorito Chase - Huw Caddy

A short starring Rhidian, created for the Doritos Advert competition.

Short and sweet, but we love it!


Urdd Workshops

This year, Rhidian was working very closely with Urdd to deliver a 10 week block of freerunning sessions in Cardiff Central Youth Club, in the medium of Welsh. These went very successful, with many kids booking in for the full 10 weeks.


S4C Y Lle Byw

Frazer was involved with the video intro for the weekly show “Y Lle” , which featured him running through the streets of Cardiff. This was later animated over , and is now the opening ident for the show.



Hawthorn E3 Classes

Through E3, Fluidity were hired to teach a series of workshops for Hawthorn High School in Cardiff. Taking place in Cardiff Central Youth Club, over a few weeks a coach of children were brought to the gym to be taught a progressive class in freerunning. Even the tutors got involved!

This paved the way for us to teach in a number of other schools with the E3 scheme.

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