Breakin The Bay 2009

Fluidity were invited to perform at the Wales Millenium Centers Breaking the Bay (http://www.breakinthebay.co.uk/) , a large hip hop orientated festival. Performances and spectacular stunts where the call for this day.

Here are some photos – (for full size check the actual gallery)

Pengam School Workshop with Parkour Generations

A 5×60 class that Fluidity where to run. In the lead up too it, Parkour Generations were hired to come and provide a workshop, which Fluidity assisted with.  With 4 hours of warming up, jamming and teaching with over 50 kids, it was certainly a great start.



Dubai (Urbanfreeflow)

In February 2009, Urbanfreeflow were commissioned to take a 22 man team (and Ez) to Dubai, to perform at the International Idex Expo , which would be overseen by the royal family in Abu Dhabi.  Frazer, Craig and Dom were included in on this during their time with UF, and went out with the group for 2 whole weeks in the searing sun.

This consisted of rehearsing long hours in the sun every day dressed up as special marines in all over SAS style jump suits.  An edit was made by Claudiu Voicu (its a lengthy hour watch) but this is well worth it.

Though may be inappropriate for some younger viewers, or those easily offended (its hard to stay amused for that long in those conditions, forgive everyone involved!).

Full length Video here…


UWIC Promotional Advert

Rhid, Craig , Frazer , Joe and Tracy featured in this huge promotional advert for the University of Wales , Institute Cardiff back in 2008. The production had a large sum of funding, and was directed by Daf Palfrey.

Its a very successful advert and still run to this day, being shown at open days, rugby matches at the Millenium Stadium , town center big screen, and even in local cinemas (Cineworlds and Vues in Cardiff).


Uwic Advert

Running Free Production

Back in 2007, Frazer pursued a FirstlightFilm (http://www.firstlightonline.co.uk/) competition whilst in St Albans RC High School.

The group came up with an idea for parkour documentary featuring Fluidity, and then travelling to London to meet Urbanfreeflow, the original UK group, and show how the new generation was up and coming in Wales.

Upon receiving a successful funding application, Fluidity pursued to find an experienced director and film maker. (Rob from FlycatcherFilms).

The short documentary was very well received, with countless awards and festival shortlistings, the video is still used and entered into competitions today, as well as being aired on TV and the internet every so often.

A great project completed back at the very start of Fluidity. Big thanks to Ben “Bam” Milner of Urbanfreeflow, and Rob from Flycatcher Films, and Miss Mary Ring from St Albans RC High.


FirstlightFilms 2009 – Shortlisted for Best Documentary , receiving runner up. (highlights – http://www.firstlightonline.co.uk/movies/first-light)
Channel 4 – October 23rd
Glastonbury 2009 – Village Screen Cinema
Chew TV
Darlington – Youth Incentive Scheme  (Feb 20th, March 20th 2009)
Zoom Festival 2009 – Shortlisted for Best Documentary (runner up)  and Best Film 14-16 years old (overall winner)  .
Finland Film Festival
Zoom Leeds 2008

ITV News

Fluidity were featured on ITV news (live) talking about the gym, during one of the first Friday night gym sessions (2008). This also features clips of the team in and around Cardiff bay.



BBC 2W Sport

The first serious TV slot Fluidity had, this featured on the just opened gym and the group. We later had a live interview which preluded this piece (January 2008).

Shown at 10pm on BBC2 Wales , it was a great prime time piece about the team and the gym.

BBC 2 Wales Today Live

Frazer and Craig were interviewed on the prime time news slot (6pm live news) , about themselves, the gym and how Fluidity are pioneering the way for parkour and freerunning in Wales. This was a prelude to the Sports Wales piece shown later that night.

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