With up to 10 years of training experience, our coaches are highly qualified freerunning and gymnastics coaches.
(Holding the levels’  1-2 from ParkourUK , national governing body, as well as level’s 1 through to 3 in British Gymnastics), with one of the most extensive teaching portfolio’s in the UK.

Based in Wales, Fluidity started one of the first dedicated sessions (Torfaen Gymnastics, 2007 to present day) as well as starting several other Freerunning clubs that are still going to this day.  We have strong links with many communities, councils, schools and have even coached abroad (co-coaching in Iceland Reykjavik)

Including workshops at festivals  such as The Greenman Fest , Beach Break , Fieldview, Boomtown and many more . Currently we are clocking up a huge amount of coaching time, and into the thousands of students amounts all of our centres and classes.
Check out some of our classes and imagery below.

Our portfolio for teaching is pretty extensive, so heres a little list to give you an idea of termly sessions we have been doing recently.
(Please note that some classes are from the past and are not running anymore)

ALL our classes now take place in Fluidity Freerun Academy , the UK’s biggest indoor parkour and freerunning centre.
A 7,000 square foot warehouse , dedicated to creative disciplines and physical movement!

CHECK IT www.fluidityfreerunacademy.co.uk  for timetables, classes, and more! 


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