Ninja Warrior UK

Ninja Warrior is famed for being the toughest assault course on Television!

Originally started in Japan with the title “Sasuke”, Ninja Warrior found a huge home in America, and lately in parts of Europe.
With thousands of applicants and only a few hundred making it to the heats, only a hand ful have ever made it through the gruelling 3 round challenge.

Well this year, the UK’s first ever Ninja Warrior has taken place.   Only 250 contestants were to make it through the auditions and into the heats which took place up in Manchester, late March.

Our very own Craig Robinson was one of the lucky applicants that made it through the auditions and into the heats.

We can’t say how he did, but you can watch the 8 part series every Saturday , 7pm.
ITV – Ninja Warrior 

Made In Cardiff TV

At the start of the year, Made in Cardiff TV contacted us to do an interview on Fluidity, parkour in South Wales and our quest for a venue and outdoor park!

Siriol Griffiths came down to interview Frazer for an episode of “Left Field , Right Pitch”


Flow Goes - Cardiff

Fluidity were commissioned by the worlds leading parkour video blog, “The Flow Show” to make a short documentary as a part of the “Flow Goes” series , based on Cardiff , The capitol city of Wales and its parkour scene.

Featuring Frazer Meek and Craig Robinson of Fluidity Freerun taking you through a history of the sport in Wales, the current scene and plans for the future!

Visit Flow’s homepage on YouTube, your destination for the web’s greatest Urban Sports videos:


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OnePiece - Jump In

Back in March Fluidity Freerun were invited to an epic SS13 Collection Launch @ No 5 Cavendish Sq!
We were then commissioned to create a freerunning video for Onepiece , and thought it would be fitting to film us at the party and getting there en-route!

In usual slacker fashion we were pretty late and there wasn’t time for a bus…. Here is what ensued!



Big thanks to Sam Irving of Lighttrap Films for helping shoot this!

Editing , B Camera and colour grading by Frazer Meek of TwoFootTall Productions

Track – Featurecast -Shining Star (Mr.Deepstar Re-Breakmix)

Freerunners are – Pretz Gzrenda , Frazer Meek, Rhidian Thomas, Tracy Morris , Craig Robinson and Thomas Jones

Fusion Festival 2013

Fluidity Freerun were highly privelidged to go to the mighty Fusion Festival… also known as the communist summer camp. Its a 70,000 strong festival taking place on private land , with a punk/communist ethos of looking after each other and the environment, this is without a doubt the most beautiful place we have ever been.

We were guests with the Bristol based Bassline Circus, who we have spent the summer working with at Festivals and events. Performing freerunning shows on stage in the huge big top, and then also walk about acts, amongst an array of amazing music, artists and installations.

Here is a video that we made (TwoFootTallProductions) of the time we spent at the festival!